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Furthermore, choosing a treatment center that promotes exercise as a healthy coping skill will serve as a building block for continued recovery, long after treatment ends. According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, exercise helps protect against many ailments, including: However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fewer than half of Americans get the recommended amount of physical activity.An increasing body of research is demonstrating that exercise helps protect the body against the effects of drugs, decreases cravings, and boosts recovery rates.So what’s the evidence? Long-term alcohol abuse gradually damages the white matter in the brain – the tracts of connections that link brain cells to one another.One study performed by the University of Colorado Boulder found that regular aerobic exercise, like running or cycling, helps protect the brain against this damage. Another study, from the University of Maine, found that mice were less likely to experience seizures while going through alcohol withdrawal if they chose to exercise regularly.Alcohol isn’t the only drug that exercise protects against. A study published in Synapse showed that exercise could partially protect rats against the neurotoxic effects of repeated methamphetamine binging. Methamphetamine use in high doses normally causes the brain’s nerve cells to lose dopamine transporters, which are involved in the brain’s ability to process motivation, attention, and reward. When the rats in the study had access to a running wheel, this damage was greatly reduced. This may be because exercise causes the body to create a compound called BDNF, which causes the growth of nerve cells and their connections. Exercise can also help reduce the drive to smoke and often reduces drug-seeking behavior. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and exercise can help people quit smoking. When combined with nicotine replacement, exercise is more effective at helping smokers avoid weight gain than nicotine replacement alone. Since nicotine is an appetite suppressant, many people who try to quit smoking find that they gain weight when they stop, which drives them to resume smoking again. One study from Brown University published in Archives of Internal Medicine Painkillers found that women who engaged in vigorous exercise three times a week for 12 weeks were twice as likely to succeed in quitting smoking as women who did not.Another study published in Psychopharmacology found that smokers who exercised intensely for 10 minutes felt their cravings to smoke diminished for a short time. Exercise can also help reduce cravings to smoke marijuana as well.The NIDA reports that teens who get regular exercise are not just less likely to smoke cigarettes, but are also less likely to abuse marijuana than their less-active peers. This is supported by a PLoS One study that found that exercise reduced marijuana usage and cravings in cannabis-dependent adults.Several studies have examined the effects of exercise on rats’ willingness to self-administer drugs. One study published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence found that rats who exercised were willing to push a lever fewer times to receive a dose of cocaine. In a follow-up study published in Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology, the same researcher found that while exercise after exposure to cocaine reduced rats’ self-administration of the drug, exercise that occurred only before drug exposure had no effect on drug use.Another study in Biological Psychiatry may have shed light on why: access to running wheels helped partially reverse some of the addictive adaptations to the dopamine system that prolonged cocaine use causes in the brain.


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when does xanax work